About Dad Central Alberta

Formerly known as the Alberta Father Involvement Initiative (AFII)

With direction from the Alberta Network for Safe and Healthy Children, the Alberta Home Visitation Network and Alberta Health Services, Dad Central Alberta continues its plan. This plan works on increasing the awareness of the initiative and will assist fathers and service providers with resource and training development.


Dad Central Alberta encourages the responsible involvement of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and any other man who is influencing a child. Fathers play a vital role in the healthy development of children. Amazing things happen to kids, moms, the community, and to dads, when men give their time, attention, and focus to the children they are raising.


Kyle Campiou is our Provincial Coordinator. Kyle has been working with, and for, children and families for over 16 years in various roles, and brings with him a breadth of knowledge from his educational and training backgrounds in Spiritual Care, Education, and Social Work. Beginning his career in Edmonton as a Youth Worker, he has worked in many areas which will prove invaluable to his role as the AFII Provincial Coordinator. In addition to his current role, he currently works as a Family Violence Facilitator with children and family for Aboriginal Counseling Services of Alberta in Edmonton. Kyle has also had the opportunity to experience many fields, including telecommunications and different roles in the business sector, where he spent over 8 years.

Prior to joining AFII in August 2016, Kyle was an Aboriginal Cultural Helper with Covenant Health Care and Alberta Health Services for over 10 years, where he worked to connect elders from the community with patients and their families and acted as a liaison addressing aboriginal needs and requirements. Kyle’s commitment to the aboriginal community was also expanded by his role as a residential school trauma specialist during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Yellowknife NWT. Finally, he worked as a school counselor for Kipohtakaw Education Centre (Alexander First Nation school), where he helped staff students and family with resourcing educational needs support to stay in school and navigate personal issues to build a positive connection.

Kyle has taken on various family and youth support roles at The Family Center, where he piloted programs such as “Commitment Coach” a partnered role with City Centre Education Project with Edmonton Public School at Spruce Avenue School. Connecting and supporting “at risk” students and their families with resources. As well as “Aboriginal Young Chefs”, which taught students how to make healthy dietary decisions in a cultural context, and “Shake the Dust”, an Aboriginal Independent Supportive Planning initiative for youth transitioning to independent living. Kyle was proud to oversee the growth of “Shake the Dust” into a multi-faceted youth program.

In his current role, he works with various agencies and partners in a collaborative manor to promote and support father involvement in a multitude of manors and supporting healthy families. He is very proud of the work that has been done and enjoys working with the many people that are passionate about the issue of family violence and making this issue non-existent.

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